Welcome to the Marist Alumnae

We have two types of alumnae, former students known as Maristines and former staff members known as Smarties.  Through their membership they retain strong links with the school.  They also benefit from social and career networking opportunities, regular newsletters and updates, as well as invites to re-unions.

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Mission and Aims of the Maristines

  • to help former pupils re-establish and maintain contact with other former pupils, teaching staff and sisters
  • to provide a programme of regular social, informative, spiritual and educational events for former pupils
  • to develop strong relationships between former pupils and the school today
  • to provide a careers support network where employment opportunities, careers advice and business contacts can be exchanged and shared.

The Logo

The Maristines logo is taken from part of the stained glass window in the convent chapel.

The Name

We have chosen the name 'The Maristines' rather than 'old girls' to preserve the name used in the Marist school in Paignton, Devon.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions regarding the Maristines, please do not hesitate to contact the Development Office on 01344 293121 or by email at


Alumnae Details

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