Ethos and Values

Our Mission

Our school mission statement has been simplified into an easy to recall, “front of mind” and memorable phrase: “Life In All Its Fullness.” The quote is taken from St John’s Gospel, Chapter 10, Verse 10, where Jesus explains his own mission; “I have come that you may have life in all its fullness.”

For us, as a Marist School, this is about educating the whole person - intellectual and physical development, united with spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


Our Vision

To be a centre of excellent education where outstanding teaching and pastoral care underpins academic success.  This is combined with the development of the whole person equipping children and young adults with the capacity to succeed in their life's journey.


Our Values

The strong family focus, which is a distinctive hallmark of our school, reflects the importance of our name.  In a Marist way, leading to focusing on the needs of others but developing individuals who with "strong minds and gentle hearts" strive to be the best possible person they can be.

All Marist Schools have the same core values that underpin a Marist education:

Simplicity How we interact with young people.  Little acts of consideration, kindness and thoughtfulness make a difference.
Love of Work Marists are people who take pride in their work and are ready to "roll up their sleeves."  We believe that any task undertaken should be characterised by high standards.
Family Spirit The Marist must display the warmth, welcome, acceptance and belonging which reinforces the values children learn in a loving family.
In the Marist Way Mary is the model of a Marist and all we do must imitate her tenderness, courage, strength, constancy of faith and concern for others.
Presence Not to be distant or remote in our relationships.  Not a superficial acknowledgement of one another.  Everyone is cared for personally.

The School Crest

The 12 Stars

When Jesus chose his disciples he chose 12 to represent the 12 tribes of Israel. It was a symbolic number which spoke of total inclusion. All of God's people, regardless of their background, culture, ability, or status are united in his presence. Equally in the School we have a rich tapestry of diversity. Each student is a unique individual with her own hopes, fears and dreams. The school holds all of these separate identities in harmonious union. The crown of stars also alludes to the biblical text of Mary's assumption into heaven. Like Mary, our endeavour as a school is to take our girls from one stage of glory onto a further stage of glory.

The Solitary Star

The solitary star has an extensive depth of religious symbolism behind it. The star of the House of David denotes the ancestry of Jesus. Equally, Our Lady is referred to as a star of the sea. The star was the sign given to the magi to steer their course towards the baby Jesus. Likewise the School seeks to be a source of guidance, showing the way, directing students along the right path, providing security and a sense of purpose.

Ave Maria ‘Hail Mary’

The definitive prayer of praise acknowledging the significance of Our Lady as a woman of courage, patience, selflessness, openness and integrity. These are the qualities with which we align ourselves as a school community.

The Unfolding Flower

The educative challenge of the School is summarised in this symbol. Taking the tender shoots to full bloom is our mission. We endeavour to do this by lovingly tending the saplings, supporting, sheltering, feeding and encouraging. The unfolding of the flower (lily) is a privilege for parents and teachers to behold. There is a supreme beauty and innocence in it which is inspiring.

'Svb Mariae Nomine'

This means 'Under the name of Mary’ or 'In Mary's name'. The Schools' policies, practices and daily routines are informed by a spirit of assured and certain gentleness as exemplified by Our Lady, a woman who encourages us enormously. She speaks of the ability for unprepossessing seeds to grow into trees of size, stature and fruitfulness.


Supporting British Values

As a school we have a number of ways that we support our British Values. Please click below to see our Fundamental British Values Statement.