Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

For the Academic Year 2019/20


Pre-Nursery - five full days weekly (inclusive of lunch) £3,400 per term

Nursery - five full days weekly (inclusive of lunch and ballet)

£3,400 per term

Reception (inclusive of lunch and ballet)

£3,400 per term

Years 1 – 2 (inclusive of lunch and ballet)

£ 3,900 per term

Years 3 – 6 (inclusive of lunch)

£ 4,360 per term

Years 7 – 13 (inclusive of lunch*)

£ 5,280 per term


These are now automatically included in the termly fees for all years.

*If your daughter is in Years 10-13, lunch can be deducted from the term fee if you write to use in advance. Individual lunches will be charged at a cost of £4 per day which will be automatically charged at the end of each term.

If lunches are no taken on a fee inclusive and termly basis, the school fees will be as follows:

Years 10-13 (exclusive of lunch) £5,070 per term

If you would like to purchase lunches termly, please contact the Bursary in advance of each term.


Tuition fees are reviewed annually, giving one term's notice of any change.  They include most books and stationery, but not examination or trip/field course fees, which are charged separately when incurred.  Most sports and activities are included in the fee, but some optional activities (including Duke of Edinburgh's Award) carry an additional charge.

Also included in the tuition fees is personal accident insurance for every pupil which gives compensation for serious injury in cases where the School is not liable.  It operates world-wide 365 days.

Fee bills will be issued separately for each term at the end of the preceding term.

The Marist School accepts Childcare Vouchers in payment or part-payment of Nursery & Reception Fees for any child from age three until the child celebrates her fifth birthday or for after-school clubs up until the pupil is 15 years old.

A term's notice in writing (or a term's fee in lieu of notice) is required before the removal of a pupil, the ceasing of an optional subject or a change in lunch requirements.


Sibling Discounts

The school offers generous discounts for siblings.  Sibling discounts are applied to the basic tuition fees, and are given to the youngest daughter/s and apply whilst two or more daughters are on the school roll.

  • 2nd Daughter -  10% Discount
  • 3rd Daughter - 35% Discount
  • 4th and any subsequent Daughter - 75% Discount

After School Care

  • Infant After School Care (Early Years 1 to Year 2)  - x2 sessions a day:  3.45-4.45pm & 4.45-5.45pm = £6.60 per session.  This includes a meal.  

Homework Study

  • Preparatory - x2 sessions a day:  3.45-4.45pm & 4.45-5.45pm = £6.60 per session.  This includes a snack and juice.
  • Senior - x2 sessions a day:  4.15-5.15pm & 5.15-6.00pm = £6.60 per session

School Fees Refund Scheme

School Fees Refund Scheme: A thoroughly worthwhile insurance for a modest fee, which provides repayment of fees pro-rata should you daughter be away from school because of illness for more than five days.  The current premium is 1.37% of net fees.  To opt-in to this scheme please contact the Bursary.

Nursery Education Funding scheme (NEF)

The Marist School has been accepted by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) as an appropriate provider of Early Years education and pupils are therefore eligible to receive their free entitlement under the Nursery Education Funding scheme (NEF). The Marist School offers pupils access to their free entitlement when available in three hour sessions between the hours of 9.00am and 12.00am, five mornings a week.  No charge is made to parents for these hours.  The fees above represent charges for the balance of hours and additional activities.  The Early Education Scheme is available from the term after a child's 3rd birthday up to, and including, the term of their 5th birthday.”


Additional Charges

Trips and Visits

Trips and visits are charged separately.  The majority of these are relatively low cost but there are also higher cost, optional, holidays and trips planned at various points throughout school.


The majority of extra-curricular clubs and activities are run by internal school staff and are either free of charge or incur a nominal fee per term to cover additional resources and materials needed (i.e. cooking ingredients, materials for textiles etc.).  Some clubs, which are run by third parties (Chess, Judo, FASBAT for example), do incur a higher additional cost). 

Speech and Drama (LAMDA), instrumental music lessons and ballet are available in school and are taught by our Visiting Teachers. 


  • Nursery - Year 2: Included in the fees
  • Years 3-6: £80 per term

Music - minimum of 9 lessons per term:

  • Individual tuition: £240 per term
  • Shared lessons (group of two): £175 per term
  • Shared lessons (group of three): £155 per term
  • Theory (group of three): £90 per term

Tuition available for: Cello, Clarinet, Double Bass, Drums, Flute, Guitar, Keyboard, Oboe, Piano, Recorder, Saxaphone, Singing, Trombone, Trumpet, Viola, Violin.

Speech and Drama

  • Individual tuition: £250 per term
  • Shared lessons: £200 per term


  1. Fees are payable before the first day of each term. All payments must be made in pounds sterling (£), by credit transfer directly into the School’s bank account, or by cheque.  Details are given on the invoice.  Should fees remain outstanding after 4 weeks then the Governing Body will add a surcharge of up to 1.5% to the account.
  2. The School operates a “Fees in advance discount scheme” whereby parents can pay a lump sum in advance.  Full details available from the Bursar.
  3. Registration fees are non-returnable, and may be varied from time to time.
  4. Deposits are credited at the end of the pupil’s final term at school, against any fees or extras outstanding.  Deposits are forfeited if a pupil does not take up a place that has already been accepted, or if the pupil is expelled.  Deposits may be varied from time to time.  Deposits will be returned either by BACS or cheque.
  5. Parents’ attention is drawn to the School’s terms and conditions, detailed in the Parent Contract. A copy is available from the School Office.
  6. All enquiries and correspondence concerning fees should be addressed in the first instance to the Bursar at the School on 01344 293116 or email JPHILPOTT@themarist.com