Gifted & Talented

Our Gifted & Talented Provision

At The Marist, we firmly believe that each and every learner has their own God-given individual talents that must be nurtured. Our gifted and talented provision, therefore, interweaves itself through every aspect of school life and it is hope that all Marist girls with benefit from some aspect of our G&T opportunities.

Our website celebrates the wide array of enrichment opportunities that offer stretch and challenge not only in for academically able but also for those talented in sport, drama, art and music. Our half-termly ‘sMARteas events’ are open to all learners and offer them an opportunity to hear from outside speakers and learn about topics beyond the school curriculum.  We strongly believe that our most able learners deserve to be offered sufficient challenges within their lessons to help them reach their potential.  For those girls wanting to apply to Oxbridge, we offer a comprehensive preparation programme (see link).  Above all, we hope that our Gifted and Talented provision takes place in an environment where our leaners feel happy, confident and valued.

Oxbridge Preparation

At The Marist, we pride ourselves in to lengths we go to to support each and every girl who wishes to apply to Oxbridge.  We have a preparation programme, overseen by our Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Mrs Guinney, who is herself an Oxbridge graduate. 

We begin the programme in Year 10, and as the girls progress towards application in Year 13, the programme becomes more individualised. In KS4, the programme includes a visit to Brasenose College Oxford, talks by current Oxbridge student, and Q&A sessions with Year 13 applicants.  At the end of Year 12, students are assigned individual subject tutors, who hold one-to-one or small group sessions to prepare girls for interviews and admission tests.  In Year 13, the programme includes mock interviews and additional personal statement support.  We treat every Marist girl as an individual and aim to give them all the support they need to reach their full potential.

Oxbridge Mentor & EPQ Co-ordinator

Mrs Lizzie Guinney BA (Hons) Oxon, PGCE