Mr Karl McCloskey, BA (Hons) (London) PGCE MA (Surrey)

  • Vice Principal Pastoral Operational Lead (Senior School): 
    Mrs Wendy Reed, BA (Hons) (Cardiff) PGCE (Reading) 
  • Assistant Principal Curriculum & Co-Curricular:
    Mrs Anna Hynds, BSc (Hons) (Southampton) PGCE (Reading)
  • Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning :
    Mrs Deb Kite, BA (Hons) (Liverpool) PGCE
  • Associate Principal, Key Stage 3:                                                                                                                                                     Mrs Liz Karakurt, BA (Hons) (Liverpool School of Music) PGCE (Liverpool)
  • Associate Principal, Key Stage 4:                                                                                                                                                     Mrs Lydia Lutton MA (Edinburgh) PGCE (Cambridge)                                                                                                    
  • Associate Principal, Key Stage 5 (Director of Sixth Form):  
    Miss Nicole Fenning, BA (Hons) (Wales) PGCE
  • Assistant Director of Sixth Form:
    Dr Sarah Hardy, BSc (Bristol), MSc (Bristol), DPhil (Bristol), PGCE (Oxon)
  • Bursar:
    Mr Jon Philpott

Please click below to view the Senior Teaching Staff List for 2018 - 2019:


Sixth Form Key Staff

Associate Principal Key Stage 5 (Director of Sixth Form):

Miss Nicole Fenning  BA (Hons) (Wales) PGCE

Miss Fenning is our Director of Sixth Form and works with the girls on a daily basis. Aside from ensuring your transition into the Sixth Form is a smooth and happy one, through what can be a daunting time, Miss Fenning works with each girl individually through UCAS, alongside our Assistant Director of Sixth Form, Dr Hardy. 

Miss Fenning's main priority is to ensure each girl is provided with both the opportunity and capacity to achieve every success within the Sixth Form, but to do so in a warm and friendly environment, which upholds the nurturing ethos distinctive of the Marist School.


Assistant Director of Sixth Form

  • Dr Sarah Hardy BSc (Hons) Bristol, MSc, DPhil, PGCE. 
  • Dr Hardy is also responsible for Careers Advice and Higher Education Liaison.                                                                                  

Dr Hardy is our Assistant Director of Sixth Form and is also a Science teacher, if you choose a Science A Level.  Dr Hardy is responsible for careers advice and higher education.  Should you choose to continue your education at university, Dr Hardy is the main guide through this simultaneously demanding, yet exciting process.

We are immensely proud of the close 1:1 support each girls recieve during the UCAS admissions process.  Writing their personal statement, interviews and finally ensuring each of our applicants achieve what is necessary to meet their place.  Dr Hardy is happy to provide equal guidance to those also considering their career options and those applying to an internship or apprenticeship.

Oxbridge Mentor and EPQ Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Lizzie Guinney BA (Hons) Oxon, PGCE

Mrs Guinney works with the Sixth Form in different roles. If you decide to do the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)  you'll see lots of Mrs Guinney as she supervises all projects.  Teaching two lessons a week to give you all the skills required for the EPQ.  In addition to this, every EPQ student meets with Mrs Guinney individually, about once a month in order to discuss your own specific project.

You will also see a lot of Mrs Guinney if you decide to apply to Oxford or Cambridge universities, or if you want to study medicine. From personal statements to admissions tests and interview practice, Mrs Guinney will guide you through the whole process.