Weekly Menu

The Marist School caterers’ Thomas Franks, cater for pupils in a unique, interesting and exciting way.

They make every meal special and really encourage our pupils to be adventurous and try dishes made only with fresh ingredients that they may not have experienced elsewhere.

Here are the latest Lunch Menus for Prep Phase and Senior Phase:

Prep School Wrap Around Club

Thomas Franks also cater for the Prep School 'Wrap Around Club'.  To view a sample of the dishes available to the girls, please click here:

Order Form for Senior School "Grab Bag" Lunch

A Typical Lunch Menu
  • Sandwich options, or "grab and go" as the girls call it.
  • Cheese, Ham and Tuna are standard everyday with some more adventurous fillings always on offer
  • Not just sandwiches but a mix of bagels, wraps and bloomer bread everyday.
  • Salad Bar
  • Salad Bar
  • Today we had a rice salad.
  • There is always a pasta option.
  • Soup and bread either with the hot meal or a sandwich and salad.
  • Hot Plate
  • Sweet and sour chicken and rice.
  • Know at a glance what is on the hot plate.
  • Fluffy rice
  • Know at a glance what is on the hot plate.
  • Sweet and sour chicken or a vegetarian option of this.
  • Know at a glance what is on the hot plate.
  • If you don't like the dish of the day but want something hot.
  • Treats
Prep Lunch
Senior Lunch