STEM Trip to Geneva

Recently, students from Years 10 to 13 came back from an amazing journey to Geneva, where they had the chance to explore the world-renowned CERN facility. During their visit, the students participated in a lab session, where they assembled a cloud chamber and engaged in an interactive discussion on particle physics.

Additionally, they visited the Geneva Observatory, Science Museum and enjoyed a peaceful boat ride on Lake Geneva.

At The Geneva Observatory, the group were able to see the telescopes and their workings and a 3D video of the Universe. The talk was given by two of the professors who were motivational and conveyed their passion for Space, accounting how they discovered the first Exoplanet, 51Peg B.

Interactive exhibits at the Science Museum allowed for exploration of medical inventions – a hands-on experience that enriched scientific understanding. The boat tour was a calm experience and provided the opportunity to get up close to the Jet d’Eau.

Thanks to precise Swiss scheduling and excellent coordination, they also managed to visit the UN’s European Headquarters, Botanical Gardens, the Red Cross museum, and take a walking tour of Geneva Old Town. Also, very important to the students and staff, the food was amazing and the hotel was a lovely and comfortable base for their adventures.

This trip provided an incredible opportunity for students to immerse themselves in and be inspired by all things related to STEM. Undoubtedly, this will be a trip that students will remember for years to come.