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Progression to Reception & Year 1

Transitions in Early Years and into Year 1

The transition between the Early Years’ classes is a smooth process. The children have many opportunities to meet with the staff and interactions with the children from both classes happen on a daily basis. When children move into the next class, there are opportunities to participate in several taster sessions before they start. The transition from Reception to Year One is a continuation of this process. Parents from Early Years are invited to attend a Transition Information Evening in the Summer/Autumn Terms, which provide further information on the transition process between the Early Years classes to Reception and from Reception to Year 1.


Transition from home or other nurseries

The transition from home into school, or from other settings, is a process where the children and parents are fully supported by all team members. Parents and new pupils starting in Early Years are invited to a Taster Morning the term before they start. Further subsequent taster sessions are offered to new children starting, to enable them to become familiar with the environment. Home visits also take place for all new children entering Early Years. This gives the practitioner the opportunity to see the child in their own familiar environment and to build on making strong connections and relationships with the child and their parents.

On the first day, arrangements are made to contact new parents to reassure them their child has settled.

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