Vision & Values

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Vision & Values

As an outward-looking Catholic school, welcoming families of all faiths and none, our ethos and values underpin our day-to-day learning as well as maximising enjoyment of school life

Achieving our mission: “Living life in all its fullness”

Through our vision: Excellence as a habit not an action. Excellence in who we are; Excellence in what we do; Excellence in our service of others.

Marist Values: Presence

We care for everyone in our school
We know people personally and individually
We engage with people authentically
We earn trust
We foster openness


We are genuine, straightforward, and down to earth
We are honest in our relationships
We ‘do good’ quietly
We do not needlessly over-complicate education
We focus on what matters most – providing high quality teaching, learning, and care

Family Spirit

We relate to each other as the members of a loving family
We undertake to build a genuine community of individuals
We offer a warmth of welcome, acceptance and belonging
We have high standards of mutual respect
We value and believe in people

Love of Work

We recognise the value and importance of work
We have a ‘roll up our sleeves’ attitude
We foster teamwork
We seek to develop solid values, strong character, and resilience
We encourage each other to discover the dignity of work as a way to bring purpose and meaning to life

In Mary's Way

We see in Mary a perfect model for all Marists – compassionate, courageous, strong and constant


We believe in educating the whole person, which many schools say, but for us it’s integral to our culture. It involves nurturing their intellectual and physical development, united with spiritual, social, and cultural development.