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Progression to Senior

One of the many benefits of a through school education, is the ease of transition that pupils experience in each stage, from Nursery to VI Form.

Throughout Years 5 & 6, there are many opportunities to spend time in the Senior Phase including taster days, shadow days, senior lessons and house events, and the benefits of this familiarity are clear to see.

A dedicated induction programme for the Year 6 cohort begins once offers have been accepted with numerous visits and events to bring the year group together. We host an Orientation Day in June where pupils meet their Year 7 class and form tutor. Parents are also invited for afternoon tea on the day to meet each other.

Each Year 7 class is assigned two VI Form prefects who are with them during their first days at the school to ensure that they feel safe and welcomed. In addition, the girls join a Lily Group which is a pastoral group with pupils from every year from Y7-Y13. They meet regularly throughout the year to discuss transition and other related topics.


The Marist is an academically selective school and therefore all pupils are required to sit an entrance assessment before being offered a place.

In addition, pupils complete a Marist Passport – a document all about themselves, which they bring to a group interview with Mrs May & Mrs Smith.

Marist Prep pupils are required to sit the Entrance Assessment (11+ Exam), alongside external candidates, though their place is not solely dependent upon their performance on the day as prior assessments are taken into consideration. They are also required to complete a Passport and attend a group interview.

The expectation is that all Marist Prep pupils will be able to move from Year 6 into Year 7 and whilst the vast majority are offered places in the Senior Phase, this isn’t guaranteed. Very occasionally, it may be necessary for the Head of Prep to meet with parents to discuss alternative options should we believe, the child would struggle to cope with the academic demands of the Senior curriculum. As the school has detailed information about pupils’ prior attainment and progress, parents are kept informed so that there are no surprises and levels of anxiety are minimised.

In years 5 and 6, Prep pupils attend regular entrance examination preparation classes, and we understand that some pupils may apply for other schools and will be prepared for such. The same applies to our Year 11 pupils applying for a place in our VI Form.