Life Balance

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Life Balance

Being in The Marist VI Form is about developing the whole person.

With such a busy lifestyle, we encourage our students to have ‘Life Balance’, the third pillar to our VI Form identity. A crucial part of entering adulthood is understanding how to maintain your own wellbeing in new, and sometimes challenging, contexts. This includes ensuring you have a balance of work, rest and play. So, it’s official: having fun in our VI Form is a necessity, not a luxury! As part of our extensive Enrichment Programme, girls volunteer in the community, organise social events with other schools, participate in a wide array of clubs, team building, yoga, and PE, as well as get involved in our Wellbeing and Mindfulness course.

Our outstanding pastoral care and support comes from experienced VI Form tutors who care. They meet with you regularly to discuss your academic performance and wellbeing. They provide personalised UCAS support, guiding you through the complex process and helping you to make the right choices to maximise future success.

Whether you are already at The Marist, or new to the school, our VI Form is the start of an exciting new chapter!