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Education at The Marist is all about ‘living life in all its fullness’ and we believe it is so important to offer all our pupils a rich co-curricular offering to enhance their academic lives and achievements. We delight in providing a host of activities that take them well beyond the traditional classroom.


Extended co-curricular provision

We offer an extended co-curricular provision for pupils throughout the school. We want to provide a rounded education for all our pupils, whether they are book worms, water sports fans, music enthusiasts or artists. 


What are the benefits of our extended Co-curricular Provision?

• Developing new hobbies and interests
• Enjoyment and fun with their peer group
• Opportunity for leadership and role modelling for our older pupils
• Taking risks and trying new challenges
• Opportunities to build confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills


What does our provision look like?

• Over 100 clubs run before and after school, as well as at lunchtime
• Co-curricular offerings are seasonal and are reviewed termly, depending on popularity
• Pupils are encouraged to take part in at least two co-curricular sessions a week with at least one being before or after school. Many children decide to do more.


What will we be offering?

Our current Senior co-curricular offerings can be found here and are updated each term based on pupil interest and staffing availability: