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What is distinctive about The Marist curriculum?

In many schools, pupils between the ages of 4-11 are taught the National Curriculum through lessons where the content within each subject is not linked to other subjects. In recent discussions, Ofsted’s chief inspector Amanda Spielman has noted that in many UK primary schools there has been, “curriculum narrowing, especially in upper Key Stage 2, with lessons disproportionately focused on English and mathematics. Sometimes, this manifested as intensive, even obsessive, test preparation.”

(HMCI commentary: curriculum and the new education inspection framework September 2018)

At the Prep, we deliver an exciting and creative curriculum. We have developed a cross-curricular, topic-based approach to teaching and learning. Each term the learning is centred around a theme which the work that we do across all subjects will link to, where appropriate. This approach to teaching gives children a deeper understanding of the subjects that they are learning. It enables them to make links between the different subjects and see how facts and ideas are connected to each other. For each topic, the children collate their work in a special book that they take real pride in completing. Each term we incorporate trips, visits or in-school events to enhance the learning for the children and help bring the topic to life.

Experts at what we do

For expert advice on children’s development and creative ideas to aid you child’s learning at home, listen to our recorded talks which will introduce you to key learning topics including Phonics, Reading, and Mathematics.

Phonics (Nursery to Year 1)

Understand how letters and sounds are taught at school and learn how to support your child’s language development.


Reading (Year 1 to Year 6)

How reading is taught at The Marist and advice on how to read with your child at home.


Mathematics (Year 1 to Year 6)

Gain tips on how to reinforce your child’s mathematical learning at home.