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Pastoral Care

Our Wellbeing Vision:

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of connection. Not just with our friends, but with teachers, parents and our community as a whole. The way in which we connect, learn and interact with other members of our community have all changed dramatically.

At The Marist we firmly believe that change represents opportunity and have challenged ourselves to remain the forefront of pupil wellbeing. To meet these demands faced by the young people of today, we fully rebuilt our provision for the future: launching Wellbeing 2.0 at The Marist.

If we all join hands, some may slip, but none will fall, because we are all joined with a strong enough bond. We have always taken great pride in our ‘Marist Family’ and the importance that we place upon looking after one another. The wellbeing and happiness of our pupils is integral in helping them to reach their full potential as high achieving, resilient learners.

Wellbeing 2.0 seeks to offer our pupils a cutting edge wellbeing provision for the post-pandemic world, using our greatest strength: our Marist Community as the means with which to ensure that everyone has the support that they need to achieve.

Wellbeing 2.0

Connect with your Marist Family:

“By connecting with others you can build new friendships and find the many support networks available to help you thrive.”



Participate Together:

“Have fun and connect with others:”



Reflect as a community:

“Take the time to reflect upon the experiences that we share together as a community. Consider the things that give joy, and spread it to others.”



Learn new skills together:

“Take the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge. Connect with others through taking on new challenges together.”



Give to your community:

“Our community thrives on our collective responsibility. Give back to your community by leading and supporting others.”

Connect (Family Spirit)

Our Lily Group and House Systems ensure that all students at The Marist know each other well, and that nobody is without a friendly face around school. Every student has a wide support network around them, helping everyone to stay connected and supported.


Participate (Presence)

We truly believe in building memories for a lifetime at The Marist. Our annual Santa Dash, Colour Run, and co-curricular programme, featuring over 100 clubs gives the opportunity to leave your comfort zone and explore your passions and interests.


Reflect (Simplicity)

The spiritual life of our school helps students to develop their mindfulness and reflect. We are immensely proud of our Catholic ethos and this is embedded into all areas of school life. Students also benefit from weekly reflective journalling, and awareness weeks to promote kindness.


Learn (Love of Work)

Learning new skills together is an essential part of The Marist journey. Alongside working towards GCSE and A-Level exams, we offer the opportunity for our students to pursue specific wellbeing-based learning. These include hosting the Diana Award, Mental Health First Aider Training and offering a webinar programme to our parent community.


Give (In Mary’s Way)

Our students are rightly immensely proud of our community, and are always keen to give back in any way that they can. Students of all participate in our School Council and Wellbeing Committee. Our older students lead throughout the school as prefects, head students and house captains, helping to support the next generation of leaders at The Marist.