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We seek to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which recognises that a complete Marist education must fulfil the pupils’ academic, emotional, physical, creative, and spiritual needs. Our dedicated and highly qualified staff foster discipline and a respect for learning that enable Marist pupils to achieve consistently high academic results and reach their full potential.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
English English English
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Religious Education Religious Education Religious Education
French French French
Latin Spanish Spanish
Science Latin, Classical Civilisation Latin, Classical Civilisation
Computing Science Physics
History Computing Chemistry
Geography History Biology
Music Geography Computing
Drama Music History
Art Drama Geography
Food & Nutrition Art Music
Textiles Food & Nutrition Drama
Physical Education Textiles Art
Personal, Social, & Health Education Physical Education Food & Nutrition
Graphics Personal, Social, & Health Education Textiles
Graphics Physical Education
Personal, Social, & Health Education

Choosing your GCSEs

For more information about the GCSE Option subjects that we offer, please view our GCSE Options Booklet.


VI Form Subjects

For more information about our VI Form subjects please click below.