Employability & Leadership Skills

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Employability & Leadership Skills

VI Form life is so much more than just academics.

At The Marist, we know the importance of developing students in ways that cannot be shown by any number of A grades. Through our links with industry, we understand what employers are looking for and incorporate this into our curriculum.

We want our students to find their voice and develop the self-assurance to be ambitious in their aspirations. The sign of a successful VI Form is one that sets their students on a path to rise to the very top of their chosen field, whatever that may be.

Enrichment Programme

Our extensive Enrichment Programme ensures a balanced curriculum with a strong focus on Employability and Leadership. It encourages the development of much sought-after skills in the world of employment such as adaptability, creativity, and self-awareness. Our links with industry allow us to prepare you for future employment, whilst our Enrichment Programme broadens your learning experience and develops critical thinking.


Examples from our current Enrichment Programme include:

Tycoon Enterprise Competition
Branding your Social Media Profile
ICT for the workplace
Posts of Responsibility
The CAFOD Young Leaders Programme
Knowledge Café with other VI Forms
Oxbridge Preparation Syndicate with other VI Forms
Meet the Professionals: Industry Talks

As leaders in the school, our VI Form students play a crucial role in the life of the school. Students develop leadership skills through a variety of posts of responsibility.