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ISI Inspection Report 2024

Our recent ISI inspection was a very positive experience, and The Marist pursuit of excellence in academic achievement, ethos, pastoral care, sport and co-curricular is all reflected in the latest report.

This inspection operated under the new framework known as ‘Framework 23’, in which the reporting style for ISI has changed. This period is therefore a transition period for ISI and the schools they are inspecting. They no longer use a final judgement of ‘excellent, good, etc’ and we no longer enjoy the extended prose of previous years, but as you will read, the report is explicit in highlighting our significant strengths. The reports now read more like a previous Compliance Inspection whereby ‘standards are met’, and you will see that The Marist has ‘met’ all standards in all areas.

Both during the inspection and in the report, the Lead Inspector was very clear in showing that our school has built on the strong foundations reflected in our previous inspection of 2021 and has continued to grow, innovate and improve in all areas of school life.

Please find an overview of the Independent Schools Inspectorate Report (ISI):

Rated 'Excellent' in all areas by Independent Schools Inspectorate in 2021

throughout the school, pupils are successful, independent, and collaborative learners, both inside and outside of the classroom.”

pupils make rapid progress in developing knowledge, skills and understanding as a result of the supportive and collaborative learning environment and the determination of the pupils.”

the pupils’ well-developed numeracy skills are reflected in the excellent standards achieved in GCSE and A-level examinations, and in the high-quality work observed in lessons.”

“pupils demonstrate an outstanding sense of community and identity as a school.”

from the moment they join the school, pupils make rapid progress in developing their self-confidence, resilience, self-discipline, and other personal skills.”