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ISI Inspection Report 2021

Rated ‘Excellent’ in all areas by Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

throughout the school, pupils are successful, independent, and collaborative learners, both inside and outside of the classroom.”

pupils make rapid progress in developing knowledge, skills and understanding as a result of the supportive and collaborative learning environment and the determination of the pupils.”

the pupils’ well-developed numeracy skills are reflected in the excellent standards achieved in GCSE and A-level examinations, and in the high-quality work observed in lessons.”

“pupils demonstrate an outstanding sense of community and identity as a school.”

from the moment they join the school, pupils make rapid progress in developing their self-confidence, resilience, self-discipline, and other personal skills.”

Mrs Jo Smith, Principal of The Marist School said:

“This is a wonderful report and reflects the strengths of our Marist community. By talking to pupils, staff, parents, and leadership, the Inspectors recognised the excellence in what we do every day in all aspects of life here at The Marist. We will now look forward to building on this outcome so that we can continue to offer first-class education for all pupils of all ages at The Marist.

During their time at The Marist, the visiting Inspectors spoke highly of the pupils they met, observing that “pupils are kind to each other, show respect to visitors and are extremely well-mannered.” Alongside this, pupils were keen to point to the “quality of teaching and the individualised support they receive from both teachers and pastoral staff as key contributory factors to their academic success.”

I feel this to be of particular importance and something that sets us apart from other schools. Our high academic achievements never come at the cost of those interpersonal skills and awareness that make for a solid, confident, kind, and consequential community. At The Marist, we are the sum of all our parts and that is what constitutes a strong community; it is this that will see our pupils become successful young adults of the 21st century.”